Saturday, 23 April 2011

l g e o l o g y l

assalamualaikum everyone . last 2 weeks im going to field trip at pantai minyak beku , batu pahat , johore . this field trip for my geology lab , going with sofie and our class mate . so hot there . dunno to story . so come let see my photo from there . l n i c e l

pak ir. Agus breafing something before going to site.

bakal geologist haah

so real 

ir. sofie l d o a + t u l

l s u k s e s l

up with magic carpet ha3x

walaupun penat , seriously best . sun burn + mandi peluh + blur + tak puas and banyak lagi lah . hopefully next sem tak jumpa geology lagi . YEAH 3x

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